Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Animals come out to visit at the national park

The most amazing experiences with animals happen right in our neighborhood spontaneously like when a howler monkey decides to use the telephone lines near the swimming pool for a tightrope to land on our cabana rooftop and causes quite a stir with the dogs and bird population. He gets a 10 for strategizing, creativity and use of his voice.  

Another afternoon I just came out of the pool when a young condo resident informs me in a serious tone of voice that I am being "watched" by two giant green iguanas high in the trees overlooking us. They are swaying in the breeze nibbling leaves, and I seriously doubt that they give a hoot we are below. 

A tourist from Britain cautioned me to watch my step early one morning and pointed to a Costa Rican water snake about a foot in length with deep yellow diamond markings resting in the surf. He thought the snake was dehydrated and earlier had tried to prod him with a long pole back into the water. On my return trip the snake was still in the same spot, and I carefully gave it a wide berth.

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